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How To Buy A Piano


Released: 11/10/2009 12:02:25 PM    Source: Singapore Piano Shop

You may have this concern:
"How do we go about choosing the right piano to buy? I'm scared we'll make a mistake."
Buying a new piano is a tricky business. Every salesman, every piano teacher and every piano tuner has a favourite make to recommend. Some of them are fine and some are terrible.
    Here are three common sense principles:
  1. Buy the most expensive piano you can afford. Saving money by buying cheaper musical instruments usually produces dissatisfaction.
  2. Buy a piano made by a reputable company, one which has a good production volume, and offers a manufacturer-backed warranty.
  3. Buy a piano favored by most music institutions (conservatories and universities). They know by experience which are the best, most trouble-free pianos.
    It's important to determine in advance what kind of piano sound you like: mellow, brilliant, loud, soft. Then, when you go shopping, take a pianist with you and ask for his feelings about each piano he plays. Listen to low, middle and high notes. And, don't forget to try out several pianos of each brand and model. Often, depending on the make and price range, there are surprising individual differences and you want to find the one that exactly suits you. (Then, note the serial number to make sure the same one is delivered to you.)
    Buying a used piano is even trickier. You could be buying someone else's problems and there's usually no warranty to bail you out if you get a lemon. But, if you see one you like, above all, call your favorite tuner and have him evaluate it for you. He'll be able to warn you of problems and advise you if this is a piano that can meet your needs.

How To Buy A Good Used Piano

Good pianos often change hands long before their useful life has expired. A well-built piano will serve its owner for 50 years or more.
So, if you are in need of a good instrument but your funds are limited, a used piano may be just the thing. You may find an excellent instrument, almost new, at half the price of a new one.
Where can you find such a bargain? In Calgary, the best source is THE BARGAIN FINDER, a weekly newspaper full of classified advertisements for all kinds of household items which have been previously owned. You can buy THE BARGAIN FINDER wherever newspapers are sold. Number 525 in Section 2 lists 30-40 used pianos every week.
Other sources are newspaper classified advertisements and the piano stores listed on this web page.
But you need to be cautioned! Without some guidance, you are as likely to purchase a poorly-made, worn-out piano as you are to find a gem.
To enlist the help of an expert, cchoose one of the piano technicians listed in "How To Find A Piano Tuner". Phone him/her and ask for help in selecting a good used piano. He/she will be glad to advise you about the condition of the instrument you are considering, how much you should pay for it, which piano mover to call and how to take care of your "new" instrument.
This is certainly the best way to make sure you are getting your money's worth in a used piano.