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The guitar is a musical instrument most often associated with modern musical styles: rock and roll, blues, punk, jazz, country, and heavy metal. Most people immediately think of the acoustic or electric varieties. However, it is actually an unbelievably ancient instrument, with ancestors dating from nearly 5000 years ago. The modern acoustic variety, with its modern standard dimensions, made its full-fledged appearance in the 19th century, building from the Renaissance and Baroque and classical variations which predated it. Because of its relatively quiet sound compared to other orchestral instruments such as violins and horns, methods of sound amplification for the guitar were eagerly pursued, leading to several variations on the acoustic guitar model. The most notable of these, the electric guitar, came in the 1930s and has since completely revolutionized the face of modern music.

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Guitars are so popular that almost all music shops which sell any instruments will sell guitars, both acoustic and electric. Also, due to its tremendous popularity, there are a slew of shops which deal specifically with this instrument offering maintenance and repair, accessories like capos and amplifiers, and of course, the instruments themselves. Either order from online shops or go to local shops and strum and pick their vast selection until you find your perfect fit, the choice is up to you.